French Courses in London

French courses in London offered by BSL Interlenguas are for those who are serious about speaking French . A French course in London with us consists of a series of 8 or 12 hour one to one training days.

Our London French courses can be taken on dates to suit your diary.

Learning French, or any language, is the same as mastering any new skill. You need good training for sure but you also need the will to succeed. Without both in combination you have little chance of fulfilling your goal.

We specialise in providing the best language training that ensures success but our clients must also be motivated to succeed.

Everyone is motivated by success. If success doesn't come quickly enough then there is a risk that this initial motivation can fail. Concentrating the learning process is not just efficient it is a necessary component in the successful mastering of a language.

To master any skill passive tuition is not sufficient. A novice requires to engage in the targeted activity and practise that skill until it is acquired.

Practise is mostly about making mistakes and learning from these mistakes and consolidating from this experience. This requires repetition of the skill until it is mastered. It means concentrating on your weaknesses and overcoming these.

This process is not revolutionary but success is reliant upon not compromising upon these fundamentals. Progress in learning any skill takes effort. The important factor is that a learner must see the effort invested has given a return. Once the learner can see that there had been a return this maintains the enthusiasm to learn more. The trainer must also maintain this motivation and enthusiasm and transmit this to the learner.

French Language Resources for improving your French

Read the news in French - If you really want to improve your French you need to incorporate this into your everyday life. Read the news in French rather than English.

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