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"I am able to respond more quickly to the spoken language. I have become more relaxed on the telephone and insist the French speak to me in French. My teachers were all superb, all took a slightly different approach which meant they each had something different to offer. 1-1 definitely works for me, I always found classes frustrating, so well done BSL and thank you."

Professor Simon Young. 15/04/2015. French. French

"I really enjoyed and feel that i have made considerable progress. At the end of the course i was quite confident and my exam went well. I hope that one day that I shall be able to have another week of intensive tuition."

Professor Kevin Passmore. April 2015. German. German

"I thought the teaching was excellent and enjoyed learning in a relaxed environment. I have become more confident and fluent at speaking. I really enjoyed the time with my teachers."

Helen Mallinson, preparing for AS French Exam. 15/04/2015 French

"I have learnt formal structures of verbs that i didn't know before. My level was basic, self taught. I am planning now to study for a GCSE/ IC A2 exam. The quality of the teaching was very good."

Chungaiz Khan, 19/04/2015. Spanish. Spanish

"The quality of the teaching was First class: Imaginative, engaging, personalised, humorous,  fun and very clear."

Peter Cleland, 16/01/2015. Business Consultant. Spanish. Spanish


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