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"After twenty 8-hour days of Spanish I can express myself in a more sophisticated manner. There is a great balance between the different mediums of learning. The teachers are passionate, fun and engaging. I am ready to work in Chile."

Jennifer Lydon. 25/10/2013 Spanish

"Excellent. Thorough planning of content, engaged teaching, readiness to move topic or change environment when the need arouse. Enthusiasm, two very committed teachers. I could not have wished for more."

Shona Kelly. 01/02/2013 French

"Magnifique! The three teachers are truly outstanding and their very distinct styles complement one another exceptionally well. I am sad to end the course as I feel I could continue to learn so much more from them!"

Julio Licinio. 24/10/2012 French

"Brilliant! Both Iryna and Julia have worked really hard to keep the classes energetic (no mean feat for 8 hours without a break). They worked really hard to make the topics of interest to me and I was really comfortable chatting to them in Russian and happy to make mistakes with more adventurous phrases so that I would learn more. 10 days incredibly well spent. Thank you all."

Edward Pickles. 13/10/2012 Russian

"Your team of French teachers is fantastic, very talented and patient, and their different styles served to break up a quite intense experience and make it tremendously enjoyable."

John Torrie - Steria. 17/07/2012 French

"I was amazed at how good the course was. I was surprised by having a conversation in Spanish on the phone by the end of the first week."

Nick Hayes - Williams F1. 05/01/2012 Spanish


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